Friends of Vrindavan organized a ‘Painting Competition’ on the eve of the Children’s Day on 14th November 2010. The children of the Porter Burchard Methodist Senior Secondary School participated in this competition. Children made beautiful greeting cards with the recycled paper which are being produced at the Friends of Vrindavan office.

The competition was organized in three groups and the winners were distributed the prizes by the Chief Guest and other distinguished guests. While addressing the event Mr. Neeraj Agrawal, who is the group secretary of the G.L.A. said that all the events in the schools should be mainly focused on environmental issues. A fresh environment for our future generation has become the need of the hour. He requested the children to play a lot to stay healthy and should adopt at least one tree in their life time to help it grow.

Dr. Ravikant, a famous orthopedic from Mathura suggested that people should focus on the preventative medicines; it helps to cure the patients in the initial stage. He insisted that the children should stay in the healthy atmosphere.

Children should avoid using the plastic carry bags and save them for recycling.  These words were said by Ms. Robyn Beeche, a supporter of Friends of Vrindavan while addressing the children. She asked the children to save plastic carry bags and waste papers for recycling at FoV office.

Mr. Kapil Agrawal, alumni of the school, Mr. Kanhaiya Gupta, a business leader, Ms. Kamlesh Singh the Manager of the School also addressed the gathering. Ms. Pushpalata Singh, Principal of the school gave the vote of thanks to the guests.

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  1. This competition organized for the school children is a very effective way of creating environmental awareness among children by involving them in an interesting activity of making greeting cards out of recycled paper. When children take something seriously it leads to a change in the habits of people surrounding them. Kudos ! Would like to see more of it !

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