Tree Plantation at Radha Bawri

Bawri plantation

Sacred Grove Conservation

Vrindavan, July 17th 2011: Under its programme of Sacred Grove Conservation Friends of Vrindavan has planted around one hundred trees in Shri Radha Bawri. Different species of trees were planted keeping in view the Braj culture. The trees of Kadamba, Tamal, Molshree, Jamun, Paras Pipal, Kanji , Kaner, Gulmohar and many other verities of trees were planted there.
Shri Radha Balwri in the Rajpura village is said to be the birth place of Swami Haridas. Swami ji and the following acharyas of his lineage have always worshipped the trees of Braj which are considered as sacred as the Lord Himself. The trees have very important place in their way of meditation.
Those who participated in the tree plantation drive felt that the schools should involved in the massive tree plantation and thus our future generation will understand the importance of the ecology of their motherland. This place is one of the few places left in Vrindavan which interprets the relation between the spirituality and environment.
This shrine grove has a bawri (step-well) inside its campus which is self explanatory of the Vaishnava spiritual linkage with the water harvesting and environment consciousness. It is important to be environment conscious first to become Krishna Conscious said one of the saints who were present during the event.
The trees have many enemies and they need protection. They need to be protected from the monkeys and cattle. So different models of tree guards is being made to protect them, said Nootan Sharma, Programme Associate of Friends of Vrindavan.

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