recycled paper basket


paper basketsThe recycled paper is being given new shapes in the form the bowls, baskets and the ornaments. The recycled products are being made by the women from the marginalised section of the community in the project of Vrindavan Kuda Prabandhan Pariyojna i.e Vrindavan Garbage Management Project. This project involves different schools who donate their waste paper Friends of Vrindavan. Office stationery, paper bags, garbage bins, boxes of different shapes and sizes are made with the recycled paper.
This programme of FoV has given an opportunity to these women to become artisan of the recycled world. Some of these women were engaged in their traditional occupation of scavenging. This programme has given them a new hope in their life to switchover from their traditional occupation to the business of recycling and uses their skill as artisans.
They make the baskets, bowls and bins with the used polythene carry bags also. The waste shredded cotton cloth is used to mix with the paper to make the paper stronger. The waste cloths from the Vrindavan’s famous deity cloth industry are used to make the dolls of Radha and Krishna.
This project was initially supported by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme under the Eco City Programme and then Sir Ratan Tata Trust and the GIZ co-financed to enhance it. The Vermi-compost organic manure is also being made under the VKPP programme.

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