rakesh cleaningshrine lane cleaningno garbage64 mahant garbage beforeIn an endeavour to revive & restore the glory of the ancient neglected sites of Vrindavan, the 64 mahant Samadhi is being cleaned under the Vrindavan Cleaning Fund. Efforts are being made to plant new trees and protect the old trees in this Samadhi mandir. It is said that many of the vaishnava acharyas particularly from the Gaudiya Sampradaya have their Samadhi in this place.
Heaps of garbage containing the leaves, plastic cups and the leaf plates were accumulated in the Parikrama of this shrine and in the corners. The Parikrama of the Samadhi was obstructed with the scattered garbage and weeds.
Shri Subal Das Babaji, the mahant of the Samadhi- shrine said that it is a unique way to serve the ancient shrine by keeping it clean before any restoration. He said that a fund to restore the old temples and shrines should be created to safeguard the spiritual interest of the devotees who come here from thousands of miles.
He added that when Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vrindavan he remembered all His associates to meet Him there. All of them manifested there transcendentally. Then Mahaprabhu revealed the Krishna Lila to all of them and instructed the Six Goswamis to spread the Krishna Lila to the world. The seats where those 64 associates (Mahant) of Mahaprabhu sat permanently made into their name Samadhi. Since then the 64 mahant bhog is organised in different Gaudiya Sampradaya Temples.
Trees will be planted in this Samadhi shrine and different government department will be approached for the restoration work here. The tourism officer of Mathura Shri D.K. Sharma was approached to support in the renovation work. He will soon visit this site and do the needful from his department.

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