dumper minibhagwat niwas cleaningThe Meditation-grove Shrine of Bhagwat Niwas was cleaned under the aegis of the ‘Vrindavan Cleaning Fund’ before the 70 th anniversary of disappearance of Siddh Shri Ram Krishna Das Pandit Baba, who is also called as Siddha Baba of Vrindavan by many devotees of the Gaudiya Parampara. This place has been used as meditation centre by many sashus since the time of Pandit Baba. Shri Kripasindhu Das Baba was another famous saint who lived and meditated in this place for a long time after Pandit Baba.
Several mini-dumpers full of garbage containing mostly the leaf-plates were removed from this ashram. The leaf-plates were scattered by monkeys all over this meditation-grove-shrine before the cleaning drive. A meeting with the resident saints was organised with Shri Sukhdev Das Ji chairing the meeting which was followed by the feast. The Garbage collection and disposal options were discussed between the Friends of Vrindavan management and the babajis.
Few suggestions came from the sadhus including making permanent concrete garbage bins from where the garbage is collected in a regular interval. It was also suggested big moveable community bins should be put instead of the concrete bins. Many other suggestions came during the meeting. Finally it was decided that the ashram will build the concrete tank from where the garbage can be collected once in a week, preferably on Sundays.
The FoV volunteers requested the saints to restrain using the plastic cups. The issue of the unavailability of the kullhads in the rainy season were also raised during the meeting. It was suggested that the kullhads should be stored before the rainy season and winter.
FoV was represented by Jagannath Poddar, Madhumangal Shukla and Akhilesh Chaturvedi. Jeetendra, Vijay , Bharat, Pawan were the Sohni-Sevaks who participated in the cleaning operation.

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