Special Yamuna Puja on Her appearance day

Yamuna Chhat, the appearance day of Yamuna Ji was celebrated by the Vraja-Rasik Bhakta Mandali and the Friends of Vrindavan on the bank of Yamuna at the Govind Ghat. Yamuna ji was glorified by the Samaj Gayan of Shri Rakesh mukhiya Ji. Yamuna pujan and Aarati was performed after the Samaj Gayan by a large number of Yamuna Bhaktas which included prominent personalities of Shri Ladli Sharan Ji (Mahant Raas Mandal), Shri Alveli Sharan Ji, Rasacharya Swami Fateh Krishna ji, Vrajananda ji, Dr. Chandra Prakash Sharma, Acharya Naresh Narain, Shri Navneet Agrawal and many devotees from Vrindavan.
The Yamuna bank was decorated with the oil lamps, but no deep daan was done as it would add to pollution in the Yamuna River. The bank of Yamuna and the approach road was cleaned before the event under FoV’s programme of Vrindavan Cleaning Fund.
The event was concluded with the Prasadam distribution.

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