VCF operation brings relief to the Tarash Mandir locality

residents watch while the volunteers clean

Vrindavan, 15th Sepetember: The efforts to clean the Tarash Mandir area of Vrindavan, brings relief to the newly elected ward member (councilor) of the municipality Shri Arjun Singh and the residents of the locality. Shri Singh was under immense pressure from his voters and the residents to get the area cleaned where the municipal cleaning services were not availed for several months.
The Cleanliness Drive was led by FoV’s supervisor and Senior staff member Shri Satish Verma. The residents appreciated the efforts done under FoV’s Vrindavan Cleaning Fund programme. The Tarash Mandir locality is famous for the Jamai Vinod temple where Lord Krishna became Jamai (son in law) of the founder of the temple. Vrindavan’s oldest senior citizen’s home run by the All India Women Conference also situated in this area.
Major drains were cleaned and several trolleys of garbage were picked up in three day long cleanliness drive operation. The Cleanliness Drive was sponsored by the Yash Birla Group.

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