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The Holy Dust of Vrindavan should be glorified to preserve the Vraja-culture

Vrindavan, October 28th Sunday: Amid the ‘Samaj’ sung by the Saints and Vaishnavas of the Haridasi Sampradaya, sitting on the vraja-raja (dust of Vrindavan) and in the presence of the prominent personalities of Vrindavan Chaitanya Sampradayacharya His Holiness Shrivatsa Goswami … Continue reading

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VCF adopts one of the main approach roads of Vrindavan

Vrindavan, 20th October, 2012: In its efforts of keeping Vrindavan clean, the main lane between the Atalla Chungi and Mirzapur Dharmashala is adopted by Friends of Vrindavan (FoV) under its popular programme of the Vrindavan Cleaning Fund (VCF). This lane … Continue reading

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