VCF adopts one of the main approach roads of Vrindavan

Vrindavan, 20th October, 2012: In its efforts of keeping Vrindavan clean, the main lane between the Atalla Chungi and Mirzapur Dharmashala is adopted by Friends of Vrindavan (FoV) under its popular programme of the Vrindavan Cleaning Fund (VCF). This lane is situated on the main approach road of Mathura-Vrindavan road.
The Cleanliness Drive was formally launched after worshipping Vrinda Devi (Tulsi) plant by Shri Mukesh Gautam, the Chairman of Vrindavan Municipal Council in the presence of the several municipal councilors and the members of the civil society of the pilgrimage town of Vrindavan.
While launching the drive, Shri Gautam said that it will be the joint responsibility of the Nagar Palika Parishad (VMC) and Friends of Vrindavan to keep this lane clean. We shall provide all the support to be required by providing man power, equipments etc. whenever VCF require them. He also said that the written appeal will be sent to all the establishments situated on this road to subscribe to this new initiative.
FoV Trustee Dr. Rakesh Saraswat said that it is in everyone’s interest to keep the town clean. The residents, visitors and all the stake holders of the town should unite for this noble cause. He thanked all the FoV supporters for generously donating for the VCF programme. Saint Shri Madan Bihari Das from the Tatiasthan blessed for the success of the Cleanliness Drive.
The programme was presided by Shri Shyamal Brahmachari, in-charge of Maa Anandamayee Ashram.
The municipal councilors Shri Jamuna Prasad, Shri Prem Kishore Goutam, Shri Vijay Kishore Mishra, Shri Govind Sharma, Shri Vaibhav Agrawal, Shri Jeetendra Kumar Varshney, Smt. Gunjan Chaudhry, Shri Ramesh Soni, Smt. Kamlesh Choudhry, Shri Vishnu Sharma were present during the drive.
Shi Shrigopal Bashishtha, Shri Nootan Sharma, Shri Alok Sharma, Shri Mukesh Sharma, Shri Madhumangal Shukla, Jagannath Poddar and many other staff of Municipality and FoV were present during the event.

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1 Response to VCF adopts one of the main approach roads of Vrindavan

  1. Shrivatsa says:

    Dham seva
    Prabhu seva
    Enlarge it and maintain
    Radhe Radhe

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