The World Bank finds tourism potential in Vraja

03 Vrindavan, 23rd April, 2013: The World Bank may invest fund in the Vraja Circuit to promote the Tourism opportunities. According to the District Magistrate of Mathura Shri Vishal Chauhan the World Bank has made a project for five six years for the development of Vraja region. The development will take place in five clusters of Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Goverdhan Maant and Gokul. Tourist friendly atmosphere will be created in Vraja so that more tourists can visit the land of Lord Krishna. It is a fact that the artisans of Vraja who are making the poshaks for the deities, kanthi mala, anklets and handicraft items are finding difficulties to earn their livelihood. Therefore a need to protect the traditional cottage industries was felt by the state government and the World Bank.
A team of World Bank led by Ms. Stefania Abakerli, Senior Social Development Specialist, Culture & Development and Ms. Monika Sharma, Associate Operation Officer, Private Sector Development Specialist, International Finance Corporation along with the officials from the Department of Tourism and the District Administration of Mathura visited Friends of Vrindavan’s (FoV) office to see how the waste is being recycled to make many useful items.
This team was on the field visit to study the prospect of tourism development in the Braj. Talking to the journalists Ms. Abakerli said that their visit to Mathura was to learn about the cottage industries of Vraja which can be promoted along with the tourism and culture. This team also visited the poshak & kanthi making cottage industries before coming to FoV.
This team also had a discussion with FoV’s Founding Trustee His Holiness Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami on how the tourism scopes can be enhanced in Vraja. Shri Goswami ji said that though the Vraja-Circuit has enormous tourism potential, but the lack of proper master plan to protect the natural and built heritage is exerting negative impact on the tourism. He said that the unplanned development should immediately be prevented to invite more tourists.
Shri N.K. Paliwal, the Chief Development Officer; Shri D.K. Sharma, the District Tourism Officer; Shri Havaldar Singh Yadav, S.D.M (Sadar); Smt. Robyn Beeche, Shri Madhumangal Shukla and many others were present during the visit.

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