Include Green prospects in the Vraj-Develomental Plans

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Vrindavan, June 18th 2013: A delegation of the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance met the District Magistrate of Mathura on Monday to stress the need to include the Green prospects in the developmental plans of Vraj. The delegation was led by the BVHA seniors Acharya Naresh Narayan and Baba Madan Bihari Das. The forest land is being diminished rapidly replaced by the concrete structures, and there is no check on the deforestation, complained Acharya to the District Collector. He added, ‘so far no pro-forest policy has been adopted by the state government to revive the Green Zones in Vraja, which was once known for its Sacred Groves’.
Baba Madan Bihari Das pointed out that those sites which should be made example by the forest department are facing utter negligence by the Forest Department. He said that a big amount of money was invested on the Van Chetana Kendra, which was once developed to raise the consciousness about the Green Vrindavan, but one can hardly see any greenery in this park. All the wildlife is banished from this park. The Sunrakh forest land could become a model forest in the middle of the Vrindavan City, but the department is not giving any heed to the repeated requests made by the members of the civil society of Vrindavan. The Forestry Department always cites that it doesn’t have any money to implement the green projects, then what is the need to spend the big amount in their salaries, baba wondered while talking to the journalists after the meeting.
FoV director Jagannath Poddar said that the Vraja is losing its typical trees of Kadamba, Tamal, Peelu etc. The forestry department neither grows these trees in big numbers nor do they plant them in different places of Vraja. The survival rate of the trees planted by the department is very low, so there is serious doubt on the ability of the forestry department of the district to revive the green culture of Vraj.
The District Magistrate assured the delegation that steps will be taken to make Vraja a greener place. He telephoned the District Forest Officer to meet him in person to discuss about concerns of the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance. The D.M. also said that he would personally visit the locations which the BVHA pointed out. The issues of the encroachments on the Yamuna Flood Plain was also raised by some of the delegates in the meeting.
Shri Krishna Saras, Radheshyam Chowdhry, Dr. Vishwamohan, Madhumangal Shukla, Partha Sarathi were also present in the delegation which met the District Magistrate.

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