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Trees on the roads of Vrindavan is forced to die slow death

Vrindavan, July 24th 2013: The flora-fauna of Shri Dham Vrindavan is in great danger as there is no place left to plant the new trees and a few trees planted by some organizations are finding challenge from the growing number … Continue reading

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Seva & Research goes together to understand the connection of ecology with Hinduism

Vrindavan, 16th July, 2013: A group of three students from the Ohio University visited Vrindavan to understand the relation of ecology with the beliefs of Hinduism. The group was guided by Shri Dinabandhu Das, Ex-president of Vrindavan’s Iskcon Temple. They … Continue reading

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Saints, monks and the activists join hands to encourage the children for planting trees

Vrindavan, 13th July, 2013: Amid the encouraging words from the monks, saints and eco-activists the children of the non-formal school of the ‘Gadadhar Prakalpa’, run by the Ram Krishna Mission at the Parikrama Marg in Vrindavan, planted one hundred and … Continue reading

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Genuine green demand of the BVHA couldn’t be ignored: District Magistrate

Vrindavan, 7th July 2013: Barhapeedam natavaravapuh karnayoh karnikaram, Bibhradvasah kanakakapisam vaijayanteem cha maalam, Randhran venoradharasudhaya karnayo karnikaram, Vrindaranyam swapadaramanam pravisad-gitakirtih. The above shloka taken from the Srimad Bhagvatam (10:21:5), description of the Lord’s entrance to Vrindavan was quoted by the … Continue reading

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