Saints, monks and the activists join hands to encourage the children for planting trees

DSCN1884Vrindavan, 13th July, 2013: Amid the encouraging words from the monks, saints and eco-activists the children of the non-formal school of the ‘Gadadhar Prakalpa’, run by the Ram Krishna Mission at the Parikrama Marg in Vrindavan, planted one hundred and one trees. The plantation drive was organized by Friends of Vrindavan. Each tree has been adopted by each student of the prakalpa. They planted the trees by digging the pits with their little hands and watering them. Mixed varieties of the fruit and typical braj trees were planted during the drive.
It is just a wonderful experience to be among you during this auspice occasion. What can be a better spiritual experience than planting a tree for Vrindavan Dham where the Divine Couple resides even today; said Baba Satyanarayan Das, Director and Founder of the Jiva Institute. Babaji said that the trees of Vrindavan are not ordinary trees, but each of them are saints and silently meditate in the Holy Dham. There are numerous examples in the past when blood came out of the trees when they were being cut. He exhorted by asking the children to become green warrior.
Acharya Naresh Narayan, one of the senior most members of the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance said while it is a good step to plant trees, but the protection of the trees is the most important thing in the whole process. The monkeys have become the worst enemies of the trees after the humans, who have taken away the natural shelters of the monkeys. He urged the Chairman of the Vrindavan Municipal Council to take steps to contain the growing number of monkeys. Acharya said it is FoV which founded the civil society group of the BVHA which has brought the green effect in Vraj. The District administration is talking about planting trees after the BVHA demand. The 119 acres of the forest land is secured by the joint effort of the BVHA and FoV.
Swami Parananda (Saikat Maharaj) from the Ram Krishna Mission said that decorating Vrindavan with plants should be promoted by all the philanthropic institutions and the schools. The Ram Krishna Mission has always extended its support for the tree plantation drive. Swami ji said that each student will be awarded after a year whose tree perform better, so encouraged the girls and boys to keep strong vigil on the growth of the trees and help them to grow.
Vrindavan Municipal Chairman Shri Mukesh Gautam said that ‘Clean Vrindavan-Green Vrindavan’ shouldn’t be just a slogan, but it should materialize in people action. He said the Vrindavan Municipality under the sitting VMC board has always promoted the green ideas. He said that he authorized FoV to plant trees in the empty tree guards grouted a few years back by the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority.
FoV director, Jagannath Poddar said that we have targeted to plant minimum one thousand trees in this year, and we shall form green partnerships with the schools and the community groups to ensure they grow safely, and if any tree is damaged it will be replaced with a new tree.
Swami Divyananda, Swami Adityananda, Swami Kalikrishnananda, Madhumangal Shukla and many others helped the children to plant trees and talked with them.

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