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Vraja will again be known for its cow wealth

Vrindavan, May 23 2015: While the Brajwasis demanded to save the cow wealth of Vraja, the Divisional Commissioner, Shri Pradeep Bhatnagar promised to take all the necessary steps to protect the cows in the Mathura District by promoting the cow … Continue reading

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Students concerned of diminishing green cover

Vrindavan, April 22nd 2015: Samvid Gurukulam in collaboration with Friends of Vrindavan celebrated the World Earth Day on 22nd April in the campus of the Samvid Gurukulam. A seminar was organized in the assembly hall of the school in which … Continue reading

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Students clean Vrindavan station in support of Modi’s Swacch Bharat Mission

Vrindavan, 2nd October: To strengthen the Clean India Campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream for a clean and developed nation, Indian Railways joined hands with Friends of Vrindavan to clean the Vrindavan Railway Platform. Friends … Continue reading

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‘Water conference’ organised on Vedic water day

March 23, 2015: In a unique move Friends of Vrindavan celebrated the appearance day of the Matsya Avatar by organizing ‘Vraja water- conference’. The occasion coincided with the International Day for water conservation or the World Water Day. More than … Continue reading

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Free Heart Care for the Vrajawasi children

Vrindavan, September 10th, 2014: Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a leading national non-profit organization committed to making India a healthier and disease free nation announced the launch of free heart care for the poor children of Vraja. In a … Continue reading

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Tatiasthan receives the Green Temple Award

August 28th 2014: In a ceremonial event organized in the auditorium of Shri Rama Krishna Mission Sevashram, Vrindavan Green Awards 2014 were given to five distinguished personalities and institutions for their efforts of conserving the ecology of Vraja – Vrindavan. … Continue reading


Enthusiastic students planted trees to revive the tree culture of Vraja

Ajhai Kala, Vrindavan, July 22, 2014: “Na Puro na janpada, na graamo na grihavayan, nityam vanauk satat vanshaila nivasinah”. The cities, the cultured lands nor the villages their houses are ours, we are the forest people dear father, we always … Continue reading

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Special attention on the Vrindavan monuments demanded from the ASI

Vrindavan, May 17th, 2014: “Why the ASI focuses on the dead monuments, whereas the living heritage buildings are kept in negligence?” wondered Jagannath Poddar of Friends of Vrindavan during the visit of the Superintending Archaeologist of the ASI from Agra. … Continue reading

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Vrindavan, 13th May, 2014: In an effort to revisit the Vedic way to celebrate the environment days, FoV selected the appearance day of ‘Kurma Avatar’ to celebrate the Vedic Day for the Water Conservation. The students of Krishna Brahmaratan Vidya … Continue reading

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Proactive approach towards environment is the solution of the natural disasters

“Cleaning our own campus should be everyone’s priority before we think of the environmental conditions in the outside world. We should be environment conscious in every walk of our life. If we can’t clean our own house then what to … Continue reading

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