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Special attention on the Vrindavan monuments demanded from the ASI

Vrindavan, May 17th, 2014: “Why the ASI focuses on the dead monuments, whereas the living heritage buildings are kept in negligence?” wondered Jagannath Poddar of Friends of Vrindavan during the visit of the Superintending Archaeologist of the ASI from Agra. … Continue reading

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BVHA demonstrates for protecting the heritage trees of Vrindavan

Vrindavan, 1st August, 2013: The dilly-dallying action of the District Administration and the Forestry Department to protect the fully grown trees on the Chhatikara-Vrindavan Marg irked the BVHA activists. The friends of Vrindavan held a demonstration on the main road … Continue reading

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Trees on the roads of Vrindavan is forced to die slow death

Vrindavan, July 24th 2013: The flora-fauna of Shri Dham Vrindavan is in great danger as there is no place left to plant the new trees and a few trees planted by some organizations are finding challenge from the growing number … Continue reading

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Genuine green demand of the BVHA couldn’t be ignored: District Magistrate

Vrindavan, 7th July 2013: Barhapeedam natavaravapuh karnayoh karnikaram, Bibhradvasah kanakakapisam vaijayanteem cha maalam, Randhran venoradharasudhaya karnayo karnikaram, Vrindaranyam swapadaramanam pravisad-gitakirtih. The above shloka taken from the Srimad Bhagvatam (10:21:5), description of the Lord’s entrance to Vrindavan was quoted by the … Continue reading

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BVHA mounts pressure on the forestry department by visiting the ‘Sunrakh Forest Land’

Vrindavan, June 11th 2013: In a bid to mount pressure on the forestry department a team of the BVHA led by Baba Madan Bihari Das reached the said ‘119 acre forest land’ in Surakh village, in presence of all the … Continue reading

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Member of Parliament from Mathura takes Green pledge on World Environment Day

Vrindavan, 5th June, 2013: Shri Jayant Chowdhry, the Member of Parliament from the Mathura Constituency takes green pledge by planting a tree at the Tatiasthan in Vrindavan. The Tree plantation programme was organized by Friends of Vrindavan. Shri Jayant Chaudhry … Continue reading

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The Green issues of Vrindavan can’t be compromised

Vrindavan, June 2nd 2013: The Green issues of Vrindavan can’t be compromised anymore as we have lost seventy five percent of the green heritages said Baba Madan Bihari Das in a meeting organized two days before the World Environment Day … Continue reading

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Acquisition of Vrindavan landfill site for whole sale market challenged

Vrindavan 31st March 2013: The Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance decided to challenge the acquisition of the landfill site for the whole sale market in Vrindavan. Recently, the main landfill site of Vrindavan was acquired for making the whole sale markets of … Continue reading

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‘Tirtha-Sthal’ demand for Vrindavan gains momentum

Vrindavan, February 3: ‘Tirtha-Sthal’ demands for the holy city of Vrindavan gains momentum as the BVHA hands over the memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister demanding Vrindavan should be declared as pilgrimage town. The memorandum was handed over to Dr. … Continue reading

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Vrindavan Municipal Board declares Vrindavan as ‘Tirtha-Sthali’

Vrindavan, 19th January, 2013: After much lobbying and sensitization by Friends of Vrindavan (FoV) and the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance (BVHA), the Vrindavan Municipal Board passes the resolution to get Vrindavan Municipal area to be notified as ‘Tirtha-sthali’ on 19th January. … Continue reading

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